A Prayer for Peace in Devastating Times

As we witness the recent violence and suffering in our world, we turn to You, the Creator of all, seeking solace and understanding.

In unity with the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, we offer this prayer for peace:

From Judaism:

"Peace, peace to the distant and the close.” Isaiah 57:19

In the spirit of Shalom, we seek Your presence, O God of Peace.

From Christianity:

"Lord, make us instruments of Your peace; where there is hatred, let us sow love." Matthew 5:9

Jesus, Prince of Peace, grant us the strength to be peacemakers in our troubled world.

From Islam:

“Therein they will hear no abusive speech, nor any talk of sin, only the saying, “Peace, peace.” Qur'an 56:25-26

Allah, the Most Merciful, guide us to the path of reconciliation and harmony.

We pray for those who have lost their lives, those who suffer, and for the world burdened by hatred and violence. May we, as children of Abraham, embrace the principles of peace, compassion, and love. Guide us to be peacemakers, bridging divides and spreading light in the darkest of times. Grant us the strength and wisdom to work together, irrespective of our differences, as a unified force for good. May the cries for peace overpower the sounds of conflict and may the memory of those we've lost remind us of the urgency of our mission.

In this moment, we place our trust in You, the Divine Source of Peace, and ask for Your guidance in bringing about a world with greater empathy and understanding. Grant us the wisdom, courage, and compassion to bring about lasting peace.


Diarmuid Rooney M.S.Psych., M.T.S., D.Soc.Admin, VP, Sponsorship and Mission Services

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