A Prayer for Law Makers

"We are the people of Catholic health care. . . . We work to bring alive the Gospel vision of justice and peace" ("A Shared Statement of Identity for the Catholic Health Ministry"). For us, this vision is one in which all persons share in the goods of creation, all have what they need for the flourishing of themselves and their families. And from our particular perspective in the church's ministry of healing, we recognize that true justice means all persons have access to quality health care. For the realization of this vision, we are noisy advocates, we raise our voices in the public square, and we raise our voices in prayer.

We pray today for our law and policy makers. May they hear the call to do the work of justice. Stir in their hearts a dream of peace and health for all in the community.  Send your Holy Spirit to open blinded eyes and break hearts of stone hearts.

Make us effective in our challenge of injustice, O God, because the changes we cause, the ground we gain, and the help we provide to our brothers and sisters and those we will never know bring us ever more fully into your Kingdom. Lead us to speak out. Amen.

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