A Prayer for All Staff During COVID-19

A Prayer for All Staff

Written by the Chaplains of St. Mary’s Medical Center, Huntington, WV

Holy One
Today we come with our hearts and our minds broken and tired.

In a world frazzled by uncertainty
And deeply yearning for healing –
Helpers and healers are frazzled and yearning for healing, too.

Holy one
With each breath we take
Ground us in our values and purpose.
Those we each hold,
And those we share that connect us together.

As we enter into our work,
May we be filled with the tenacity of our founders
  Who, without knowing what the future would hold
    traveled here and built this place of healing
      and cared for this community.

We, too, do not know what the future will hold
  And we, too, travel here daily,
    Our actions rebuilding this place of healing every day
      As we care for this community.

As we carry on our mission,
May we connect with our God, our founders and our purpose.

May compassion ground us always
May strength sustain us in this moment
And tenacity move us into the next.

May our presence bring some certainty into our corner of the world.
May our compassion bring healing to many, and to ourselves.

Amen, and may it be so.

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