2018 Month of Prayer

Month of Prayer for the Sick and Caregivers

Please join CHA in making February a Month of Prayer focused on healing and support for those providing care. World Day of the Sick, on Sunday, Feb. 11, is the centerpiece of this initiative – with CHA sharing a daily prayer.

World Day of the Sick

Access CHA’s World Day of the Sick Resources – including a prayer card, video and prayer service.


Join us on social media as we raise our collective voice in prayer! Prayers will be shared via CHA's Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #CatholicHealthPrays. We invite you to post your own prayers using this hashtag and tagging CHA so we can share your messages.

Join Us — Share Your Own Prayers!

Please share prayers for the sick in early February, your World Day of the Sick prayers on the 11th, then prayers for caregivers through the rest of the month. When posting, please use #Catholichealth and also tag CHA so that we can like and share them! 

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For additional information, or to share prayers by email so that we can share and post, please email Kim Van Oosten.

Homily Resources for Reflection

CHA annually develops a homily series to help spread the message of the healing presence of health care to our parishes. These messages are great for group and personal reflection on the healing stories.
Access the homilies