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While hospitals are running desperately short of N95 surgical masks and respirators, many are looking for creative ways to secure these needed supplies. In some communities, crafters are banding together to sew face masks and donating for health care workers. In others, new partnerships are being forged to acquire needed supplies as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies.



CHA invites its members, other Catholic organizations from education and social services, our partners and anyone who will step up and help bring awareness to the importance of wearing masks to slow the spread on social media.
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AHA Mobile App Connects PPE Donors with Hospitals in Need
The AHA has partnered with MicrosoftKaiser Permanente, consulting firm KearneyMerit SolutionsGoodwill, and UPS to launch "Protecting People Everywhere," powered by HealthEquip™HealthEquip is a smart app that will match individuals and organizations donating PPE with local hospitals based on needs-criteria. The app also will track PPE donations and manage shipping through UPS to hospitals. Hospitals and donors can register their PPE needs and supplies at