State and State Agency Plans and Guidelines

CHA offers these links to state and federal agency pandemic plans as a resource bank for those responsible for preparing their facilities. CHA does not endorse or recommend any one plan over another. CHA urges Catholic systems to continue developing their guidelines and recommendations in accordance with the Ethical and Religious Directives of Catholic Health Care Services, even as they learn from these policies.

(verified as of April 6, 2020)


AK Pandemic Influenza Plan 2020

AL Pandemic Influenza Operational Plan 2018

AZ Pandemic Influenza Plan 2019

CA LA County Allocation of Scarce Resources Guide 2017

CA Statewide Concept of Operations for Pandemic Influenza 2009

CO Triage standards for Covid-19

CO Crisis Standards of Care 2018

CO Guidance for Alterations in Healthcare System 2009

CO Pandemic Influenza Guidance for residential facilities

CT Department of Corrections Pandemic Influenza response plan

CT Pandemic Influenza Response Plan 2010

DE Contagious Disease Containment Measures Plan 2008

DE Pandemic Influenza Plan 2008

FL Community Preparation Situation Manual 2010

FL Natural Disease Outbreak and Pandemic Influenza Fatality Mgmt Response Plan 2008

FL SERT Biological Incident Annex to State Comprehensive EMP 2018

FL Triage and Scarce Resource Allocation Guidelines 2011 (FLU)

GA Workplace Readiness and Continuity of Operations Annex 2009

IA Ethical Framework for Use in a Pandemic 2007

ID Emergency Operations Plan (cf Annex 6) 2017

ID Influenza Pandemic Response Plan 2006

IL Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan 2020

KS Modified Health Care Protocols in Acute Care Hospitals During Public Health Emerg 2013

KS Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan 2020

LA Crisis Standards Public Document Acute Care Hospitals 2011

LA DOH Pandemic Influenza Plan 2011

LA DOH Pandemic Influenza Plan Annex 7 - EMS 2011

LA DOH Pandemic Influenza Plan Annex 8 - Containment and Mitigation 2011

LA DOH State Hospital Crisis Standard of Care Guidelines in Disasters 2011

MA Crisis SOC Planning Guidance for the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020

MD Plan for Allocation During a Pandemic Crisis 2017

ME Annex 3 Part 2 - Volunteers

ME Pandemic Influenza Operations Plan 2013

MI DCH Ethical Scarce Resources Guidelines 2012

MN Crisis Standards of Care Ethical Framework 2020

MN Crisis Standards of Care Framework - Facility Surge Operations 2020

MN Ethical Guidance for Rationing Scarce Health-Related Resources 2008

MN Patient Care Strategies for Scarce Resource Situations 2019

MO Pandemic Influenza Response Plan 2018

MS Crisis Standards of Care 2017

MS Pandemic Influenza Incident Annex 2019

NC Ethical Guidelines for Influenza Pandemic 2007

NH Influenza Pandemic Public Health Preparedness and Response Plan 2007

NJ DOH Pandemic Influenza Plan 2015

NJ Hospital Association - Ethics Planning and Assessment Tool - A Healthcare Guide for Pandemic Flu Planning 2008

NM Crisis Standards of Care 2018

NM Pandemic Influenza Plan Annex F - Outbreaks 2015

NV Developing a Standard of HC during Catastrophic Public Health Emergencies 2017

NV Statewide Medical Surge Plan 2016

NY Emergency Mgmt Plan Pandemic Annex 2020

NY Ventilator Guidelines 2015

OH Pandemic Planning for Ohio State's Agencies 2009

OK DOH Pandemic Management Plan 2016

OK Hospital Crisis Standards of Care

OR Pandemic Influenza Emergency Management Plan 2008

PA Interim Pennsylvania Crisis SOC for Pandemic Guidelines 2020

PA Pandemic Flu Response Plan 2005

SC DHEC Emergency Operations Plan 2019

SC Pandemic Influenza Plan Annex 2 2017

SC Prepares for Pandemic Influenza - An Ethical Perspective

TN Allocation of Scarce Resource Guide 2016

TN Emergency Management Plan 2018

TX Respiratory Viruses Having Pandemic Potential 2015

UT Crisis Standards of Care Guidelines 2018

UT Novel Influenza Disease Plan 2015

VT DOH Crisis Standards of Care Plan 2019

VT Emergency Ops Plan 2015

WA Adult Critical Care Triage Algorithm 2020

WA Pediatric Critical Care Triage Algorithm 2020

WA Respirators and PPE Strategies

WA Scarce Resource Management and Crisis Standards of Care Overview and Materials 2020

WA Scarce Resource Triage Team Guidelines 2020

WA Seattle and King County Pandemic Response Plan 2013

WA Staffing Resource Card 2019

WI Health Emergency Preparation 2017

WV Emergency Operations Plan - Pan Flu Annex

WY DOH Pandemic Influenza Response Plan 2019

WY Infection Prevention Orientation Manual 2014



CDC Ethics Subcommittee - Ethical Consideration for Decision Making Regarding Allocation of Resources

CDC Pandemic Influenza Triage Tools

UT JOINT CENTRE Ethical Framework for the Allocation of PPE 2020

UT JOINT CENTRE Stand on Guard for Thee 2005

VA Meeting the Challenge of Pandemic Influenza Ethical Guidance

WHO Managing Ethical Issues in Infectious Disease Outbreaks