Catholic Healthcare believes healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. Yet, certain barriers and challenges seem to prevent access to care. We think you’d agree that in a perfect world, healthcare should be compassionate and accessible, and have a positive effect on the community. We’re doing our part to keep things simple; the way things should be. We believe anything is possible when healthcare really cares.   

Why put Catholic in healthcare

Why put Catholic in healthcare?

The roots of Catholicism in healthcare can be traced back to a humble beginning. As the world evolved and flourished, so did the Catholic Church’s belief in caring for the sick and the vulnerable. With a deep commitment to serving the marginalized and the suffering, the Church established hospitals, clinics, and charitable institutions to provide solace and relief to those in need.

Through the centuries, Catholic Healthcare has adapted and transformed, embracing advancements in technology and medicine. From the ancient apothecaries to the modern hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the mission of Catholic Healthcare remains steadfast — to alleviate suffering, promote healing, and uphold the dignity of every human life. 

Today, Catholic Healthcare stands as a beacon of hope and compassion in a world plagued by illness and uncertainty. It continues to evolve and innovate, guided by the timeless values of love, mercy, and service. As we look to the future, let us remember the origins of Catholicism in healthcare and the enduring legacy of faith-inspired healing that continues to inspire and uplift us all.

FACTS - With 665 hospitals, U.S. Catholic Healthcare is the nation’s largest group of not-for-profit healthcare providers. These hospitals, plus 1,600 long-term care and other health facilities across the nation, join in the Catholic Health Association of the United States. More than one in seven patients receive care in a Catholic hospital each day.

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