The Catholic Health Association (CHA) is strongly committed to ensuring our nation’s Medicaid program remains a viable, efficient and effective program.

Millions of low income people and families are in danger of losing their Medicaid coverage. We’re working to prevent that from happening.

The end of the COVID-19 federal Public Health Emergency declaration could lead to the disruption and loss of Medicaid coverage for millions. We invite you to watch a video recording of our recent webinar on what Catholic Health Care can do to prevent coverage loss

Connect to your state Medicaid agency and make sure beneficiaries can renew their coverage:


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Medicaid makes it possible for Americans to get access to health care in times of need. Whether they are working families, children or the elderly, each of us knows someone who turned to Medicaid to care for themselves or loved ones. We invite you to view and share stories on the positive impact of Medicaid.

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Medicaid makes it possible for people across the country to access high-quality, affordable health care services. Use our interactive map to see Medicaid's impact on each state.

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