Episode 4 - Medicaid Priorities in 2022: Medicaid Redetermination
Medicaid is an integral part of our health care system, covering millions of men, women and children who would otherwise be uninsured. Yet millions of these people may soon be in danger of losing their coverage.

CHA Senior Director of Government Relations Paulo Pontemayor and Corey Surber, St. Alphonsus’ Director of State Advocacy, relay why Medicaid coverage is essential to Catholic values, define “Medicaid Redetermination,” and explain how systems can advocate for their patients so that they don’t lose coverage.

Episode 5 - Medicaid Priorities in 2022: Extending Postpartum Care and Closing the Gap
For more than 4 out of 10 new moms in the United States, postpartum care is covered by Medicaid. But when coverage ends after 60 days, these mothers are left vulnerable to some of the most dangerous complications of childbirth.

CHA Senior Director of Government Relations Paulo Pontemayor and Kinda Serafi, J.D., Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, discuss tax-payer benefits to closing the gap, advocating for expansion and the impact communities would see if postpartum coverage was permanently extended.

Learn more about how the Medicaid program works and helps Americans get the health coverage they need through our lighthearted and informative "Medicaid Man" video.

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