Project Brotherhood

Hospital of Saint Raphael
New Haven, Conn.

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Project Brotherhood is dedicated to helping Greater New Haven-area men make the healthy lifestyle choices needed to prevent cancer. Created through a Hospital of Saint Raphael-Bayer HealthCare partnership, the program offers the education and preventive screenings needed for early cancer detection and treatment — regardless of ability to pay.

Because prostate, lung and colorectal cancers are the top three cancers found in men, Project Brotherhood's emphasis is placed on these diseases. However, education is provided on lifestyle changes to prevent all forms of cancer.

Nearly 1,000 men have been screened through Project Brotherhood, started in 2006 by the Hospital of Saint Raphael. About 20 percent of men who are screened at events are expected to have results that require follow-up with a physician. Project Brotherhood screenings are held twice a year.



WYBC radio personality Juan Castillo (left) and Program Coordinator Augustine Okeke at the Project Brotherhood prostate screening on Sept. 16, 2010, at Saint Raphael's Father Michael J. McGivney Cancer Center.