Muskegon Oceana County Health Disparities Reduction Coalition

Mercy Health Partners
Muskegon, MI

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The Muskegon Community Health Project (MCHP), the community benefit program for MHP, was awarded a phase I planning grant in 2010 to form a coalition to research health disparities in Muskegon and Oceana Counties, Mich. The coalition's initial work resulted in MCHP being awarded a three-year implementation grant in 2011. MCHP is working with the 19 organizations, represented by 31 individuals, committed to the Muskegon-Oceana County Health Disparities Reduction Coalition. The three-year implementation grant has three major goals: 1) Stepped up consumer education and engagement activities; 2) Improved health provider education and engagement; 3) Improved methodology and process for on-going data collection and analysis.

Committees of member organizations are formed around specific issues and proposed activities related to public awareness, provider and consumer engagement, language services health navigation and coordinated care, expanding mental health and dental care services, and data collection. Key implementation partners for organizing activities to address these issues are: Mercy Health Partners (diversity dept, language services, mission services, quality care and transformation, primary care network); Lakeshore Health Network (physicians health organization), Muskegon Public Health; Muskegon-Oceana Community Action Partnership; National Association for Advancement of Colored People; Muskegon Family Care (FQHC); Hackley Community Care Center (FQHC), United Way of Mason County (CALL 2-1-1 of the Lakeshore) and Grand Valley State University/AfricanAmerican Health Institute. New members are being recruited to expand representation of Oceana County residents, Native Americans, senior citizens and persons with disabilities.