ReNew Year

An Invitation to the Daily Practice of Well-Being

The last few years have awakened our need for simplicity. Though we live in a complex, fast-paced, and ever-shifting world, we are human beings created to live in harmony with God and others in our daily lives. It all begins with how we use the precious gift of time. What we do with the hours we have been given – how we think and make meaning, with whom we connect, and where we engage – all add up to what we call our life. When we intentionally seek a flourishing life, we can be a spring of life for others.

Introduce the concepts of ReNew Year in your team huddle or department meeting. Talk about the basic principles outlined here. Hold the key questions, engage in dialogue, and consider how purposeful days may promote well-being and abundant living.

As a Catholic health ministry, we are called to be leaders in well-being – to embody well-being as individuals, to promote well-being among our colleagues and patients, and to advocate for well-being in our communities. Together, we represent more than 700,000 associates united by the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of our founders and we are called to promote human flourishing.

Join us in the practices of the ReNew Year. Together, let us live well the lives we have been given!

CHA Podcast - A Fresh Approach to Well-being in Health Care

Mission Monday

You have been called to mission - personally and professionally. Mission Monday is a day to renew why it is you do what you do, or perhaps more importantly, who is it you serve and serve alongside. You matter! And, you are a part of something much larger than yourself.
  • As you create your to-do lists for the week, how do you plan to maintain a sense of call, the joy of vocation throughout the week?
  • How will you let your body be a companion for mission?
  • How will you reinspire those around you in your shared call to serve?

Time to Think Tuesday

You are a thinking, feeling, moving being. Time to Think Tuesday is a counter-cultural antidote to our information culture. Your very best thinking was designed to ignite your heart as much as your head. That's right! When we allow ourselves adequate time to think, we practice a unitive form of thought, one that makes room for creativity and compassion, with God and others.
  • How will you allow space to think in your calendar today?
  • How might small pockets of time reinspire a head/heart integration?
  • Notice your awareness of God as you make time to think.

Wonder Wednesday

You have been created with a capacity for awe. Wonder Wednesday is a day to ponder what is beyond you -- into creation itself and the mysteries of life. Practicing wonder invites us into the infinite reality that is constantly being revealed - even in our finite nature.
  • How comfortable are you with wonder -- the wonder of creation, the wonder of science, the wonder of healing?
  • How might you invite the practice of wonder into your day?
  • Notice how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with wonder and how it impacts your relationships with others.

Thankful Thursday

You have an aptitude for gratitude. When you take in what is beautiful and a smile or a tear forms on impulse, gratitude is operative. Thankful Thursday is a day to reconnect with the gifts that surround us. Gratitude reshapes us.
  • Think back over the last 24 hours: recall what made you smile or brought you joy.
  • Let "thank you" be your first response with others today. Express genuine and specific gratitude for who they are to you or how much you appreciate something they have done. Notice how they respond. Notice how it makes you feel.
Refocus Friday

Refocus Friday

Your why determines your life. Even though you intend to live out that purpose each day with vigor, it is easy to forget. Refocus Friday is a day to return to who we are called to be and how we are called to serve.
  • Recall your intention from Mission Monday. How has a sense of call, the joy of vocation been present throughout the week?
  • How has your body been a companion in purposeful living and leading? How might you move your body in such a way today?
  • Identify areas in which you need to refocus so you can reengage mission, vision, and values for yourself or those you lead.

Worthy Weekend

You are more than your title, your various roles, or what you accomplish. You are worthy of rest and relationships and life-giving sustenance. Worthy Weekend is a regenerative time to return to what's most important - the people and practices that bring you to life.
  • In what ways do you need to recharge this weekend to approach Mission Monday renewed -- physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually?
  • How will you let relationships nurture you?
  • How might you unplug to find refreshment?