Health Progress 100th anniversary

Join Health Progress in celebrating its centenary year! The first issue of the magazine, then titled Hospital Progress, was published in May 1920. A hundred years later there have been thousands of authors, articles and editorials, calls for action, special topics, visionary statements about the ministry and scholarly reviews of health care ethics. We hope you enjoy browsing through past covers and old ads from health care vendors. They provide a sense of how health care and the publication have evolved over the decades. Please check back for website updates throughout the year.

Looking back on Health Progress

100th Anniversary - Sponsors are Called to be Prophets and Reformers


Almost a quarter of a century ago, Health Progress published several articles on questions of Catholic identity and Catholic institutions by respected leaders in the ministry. Fr. J. Bryan Hehir wrote the first one in which he raised questions about institutional identity and described its three historical stages of institutional identity. Lawrence Singer and Sr. Helen Amos, RSM, echoed some of his concerns and raised questions of their own. We have learned a great deal since 1995, but we are still struggling with many of the questions Fr. Hehir, Singer and Sr. Amos raised. As Health Progress marks its 100th volume as a publication, I would like to recall some of their observations and suggest that we are now moving into a fourth stage of thinking about institutional identity and sponsorship.

Health Progress by the Numbers

Health Progress covers through the years

Ads through the years

A look through our ads provides a glimpse of how health care, the workplace and technology have changed over time. Some of these ads, very much a product of their time, provide a snapshot of the past.