CHA president shares successes of the past year at assembly

June 2024

Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, CHA's president and CEO, takes the stage at the 2024 Catholic Health Assembly.
Jerry Naunheim Jr./CHA



SAN DIEGO — The launch of its theology and ethics center, of a campaign to amplify positive stories about Catholic health care, and of an initiative to spotlight how insurance companies profit by denying care were among the many CHA milestones that Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, cited during the 2024 Catholic Health Assembly.

"Throughout this past year, CHA has been impelled to act boldly on many fronts and issues including defending our identity and integrity," said Sr. Mary, CHA president and CEO, as she closed out the three-day event.

Among the CHA successes from the past year that Sr. Mary spotlighted were:

  • The Center for Theology & Ethics in Catholic Health, which will provide guidance on current and evolving ethical issues and build strong working relationships with academic centers of ethics and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  • site, a website that amplifies stories and examples of how insurance companies are using practices and policies that impede treatment and coverage at the expense of patient care. "These delays and denials are strong social determinants of health as they negatively impact the health of patients," Sr. Mary said.
  • When Healthcare Really Cares, an ad and social media campaign focused on positive stories about Catholic health care.
  • A new strategic plan for the ministry based on three pillars — care for all, health reimagined and united for change — and reflective of the association's vision statement, "We will empower bold change to elevate human flourishing."
  • Building upon the We Are Called initiative to confront racism by achieving health equity. The ministry is doing this by continuing to prioritize health equity and integrate it into everything CHA does. This includes advocating for legislation that advances climate justice and addresses disparities in maternal health. An example Sr. Mary noted was joining with the March of Dimes and other national organizations to achieve approval of $1 billion in additional federal funding for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.
  • Advancing the Protect What's Precious campaign that spotlights the importance of Medicaid to raise awareness and provide education and resources about the staggering losses in coverage as eligibility is reevaluated post-pandemic.
  • Issuing a discussion paper on issues impacting the recruitment and capacity building of the global health workforce and partnering with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See to advance the discussion.
  • Working with CHA members and partners to form a community of practice led by a Harvard human flourishing researcher. That community will extend support to chaplains, clergy and all those who accompany people in spiritual crisis due to moral injury.
  • Adding to the Ministry Identity Assessment a new feature that allows benchmarking within a specific health system and across the entire Catholic health ministry. The assessment tool enables members to objectively demonstrate their commitment to ensuring Catholic identity.

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