Prayer for Those Serving Refugees

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Today we pray for those who are charged with or who answer the call to care for and accompany refugees. In their work, may they see themselves and you in the faces of the women, men and children whom they encounter.  And so we pray …

Dear God, be with those who encounter the many people who have traveled far from their homes, leaving almost everything behind. Bring humanitarian workers, advocates, law enforcement officers and so many others empathy and compassion in their service. Help them to follow your commandment to love their neighbors as themselves. May they and each of us place ourselves in the footsteps of refugees and immigrants …

Loving Jesus:

I search for food and you provide it through employment and security.

Help me to protect refugees and immigrants as they search for food and seek a dignified life.
I search for life and you provide it through health care and medical aid.

Help me to protect immigrants and refugees as they search for wellness, believing that health care is a God-given right.

I search for love and you provide it through family and friends.

Help me to protect refugees and immigrants searching for love, for displaced family and friends, for those things that give meaning to life.

Make each of your people signs of your love. Bless those who encounter in their daily work global family members seeking better lives away from the ravages of war and famine and economic inequity. Guide these workers and all of us to best love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen.


Adapted from a prayer by Kathy McGourty, 2011

© 2017 The Catholic Health Association of the United States