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CHA International Outreach Activities and Resources

CHA’s international outreach activities support members, partnering organizations and the church in our global mission of healing. These activities include:

  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Networking

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Short-Term Medical Mission Trips: Recommendations for Practice
This book shares 20 Recommendations for Practice that Catholic health care leaders should use to review current and to consider future short-term medical mission trips. They are based on the Phase I and Phase II short-term medical mission trip research. 

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Sample Orientation for Medical Mission Trips

Sample Orientation Cover

This is a sample PowerPoint presentation for your use as an educational tool to help you develop an orientation process for participants on your medical mission trips. It is designed for you to customize to suit the needs of your program — adding or deleting slides where you deem appropriate.

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Disaster Response ConsiderationsDisaster Response: Considerations for Catholic Health Care

This brochure by the Catholic Health Association of the United States, with assistance from Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA, provides ministry leaders with considerations for how health care organizations can appropriately respond in times of domestic or international disaster.

Sections include:

  • Important Cautions
  • Most Effective Practices
  • Additional Information

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Webinar Recordings

View past international outreach webinar recordings in the Online Learning section of CHA's website! Available for both members and nonmembers.

First Do No Harm — Assessing and Selecting High Quality MSROs

First Do No HarmThis guide offers Catholic health care leaders tools for assessing the practices and effectiveness of Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations. Based on the ground-breaking 2010 study of medical surplus donation, the new booklet and accompanying online tools provide assessment questions and information leadership can use to assure their organization's medical surplus donations are made appropriately and effective by and MSRO.

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Medical Surplus DonationWatch the video, Medical Surplus: First Do No Harm

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Download a one-page flyer highlighting the nine drivers for assessing an MSRO


Electronic Assessment of MSRO Capabilities Tool

This tool coincides with the questions for assessment as included on pages 17-36 of the booklet, " First Do No Harm — Assessing and Selecting High Quality MSROs."

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CHA Medical Surplus Donation Study: How Effective Surplus Donation Can Relieve Human Suffering

CHA Medical Surplus Donation StudyThis 18-page report presents findings from a 2010 study of how CHA-member organizations can alleviate human suffering in the developing world through a responsible medical surplus donation program. The report also highlights medical supply and recovery organizations that collect and distribute surplus and offers preliminary guidelines for working effectively with these organizations.

CHA Medical Surplus Donation Study

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A Reflection Guide for International Health Activities

Reflection Guide for International Health ActivitiesThis booklet is a resource for persons selected as volunteers for mission trips to low- and middle-income countries to help them reflect on the overall experience. Designed for individual or group use, its contents lead users through discerning participation, preparation for a trip, arrival, the days of the experience, leaving, re-entering normal life and remembering and remaining rooted in the experience. Each of its six sections includes questions for reflection, spiritual exercises, sources for additional information and inspirational quotes and poems. It also includes plenty of journaling.

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Guiding Principles for Conducting International Health Activities

This CHA resource, developed in 2015, offers Catholic health ministry leaders and others who participate in international projects six Guiding Principles for Conducting International Health Activities.

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Short-Term Medical Mission Trips Survey Results
This book contains the detailed question-by-question survey results from Phase I and Phase II of CHA's 2014-2015 research project on short-term medical mission trips.

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Video Scenarios and Expert Commentary

This online learning module on important International Outreach topics is meant to open dialogue across U.S. Catholic health care relating to activities including:

  • Sharing surplus equipment, supplies and medicines with low-income countries
  • Responding to disasters in low-income countries 
  • Conducting medical mission trips or immersion experiences in low-income countries

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International Outreach Video Presentations

Two video resources to help your organization consider its international outreach activities, with specific attention to:

  • Being neighbor – particularly now when scarce resources and unending need make reality very unlike that of the Good Samaritan. Presented by Ron Hamel, Ph.D., CHA senior ethicist.
  • How the call to this work is part of a tradition — a tradition that includes the need for cultural competence. Presented by Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, CHA Vice President, Sponsorship and Mission Services.

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Responsible Redistribution of Medical Supplies & Equipment: Leading Practices for Hospitals & Health Systems

Responsible Redistribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment

This resource shares the findings of a 2012 research study to determine high-impact leading practices every hospital and/or health system should adopt when starting or enhancing a medical surplus recovery program. While not prescriptive, we believe these practices will help fulfill the mission of our collective global outreach efforts — answering God's call to foster health, act with compassion and promote wellness for all persons and communities, with special attention to our neighbors who are poor, underserved and most vulnerable.

Responsible Redistribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment


Ebola — Resources and Links

For information about specific U.S. Catholic health care activities and response, please contact Bruce Compton, CHA senior director of International Outreach.