December 2020 Global Health Update


CHA Global Health Networking Zoom Calls
CHA quarterly convenes leaders of global health programs in Catholic health care, partner and other non-governmental as well as governmental organizations to share information and talk about timely issues in global health. If you have a program topic you would like to highlight (5 minutes) or open for group discussion, please be sure to email me directly or speak up during the open forum during these gatherings. More details and dial-in information for the 2020 calls can be found here.


CHA's 5th Anniversary Edition –
Guiding Principles for Global Health Activities

2020 marks the 5th anniversary of this CHA resource that offers Catholic health ministry leaders and others who participate in global health projects six Guiding Principles for Conducting Global Health Activities.

Offering a new pandemic inspired parable, as well as the unchanged Modern Day Parable and Guiding Principles, this updated edition brings to life the richness of Catholic social teaching and tradition and inspires excellence and partnership in global health activities.

» Download a PDF and watch for a video of the new Parable in Times of Pandemic in early 2021.

CHA has curated a set of essays from highly-regarded theologians and public health experts to set the stage for collective consideration of how the complexities and challenges of the pandemic have created an opportunity for us to rethink, reset and renew our global health relationships.

While COVID-19 and the isolation we have experienced creates many questions, it can also provide us with renewed hope and inspiration to do it better in future global health partnerships. We hope you will take this time "apart" to reflect on future opportunities to be brother and sister to our global neighbors.

WHO Twinning Partnerships for Improvement
Twinning Partnerships for Improvement (TPI) supports long-term efforts on quality of care. This is important in achieving Universal Health Coverage and resilient health systems.

The TPI model is based on a 6-step cycle which begins when two partners agree on the establishment of the partnership. TPI then guides the partners through a systematic process to set the areas for improvement, develop an action plan and then evaluate the activities conducted.
» Access the TPI resources

WHO Guidance for Coronavirus Disease
This link provides technical guidance by topic including: Country Readiness, Patient Management, Risk Communication and Community Engagement, Points of Entry / Mass Gatherings, Surveillance and Case Definitions, Infection Prevention and Control / WASH, Disease Commodity Package, Laboratory Guidance and Reduction of Transmission from Animals to Humans. » Access the guidance

Brocher Declaration for Appropriate Short-term Engagements
CHA has worked with Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships (AGHP) and supports the Brocher Declaration. Read the declaration. As such, we hope you too will support the declaration, and as appropriate, extend the call on the international community to make every effort to maximize the value and minimize the harm of short-term engagements in global health.
» Read and sign the support form

SDG Good Practices — A compilation of success stories and lessons learned in SDG implementation (First Edition)
The publication presents 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Good Practices from across the globe, received in response to the first open call for good practices, success stories and lessons learned in SDG implementation, promoted by UN DESA between 2018 and 2019.

As the world pursues a transformative recovery from COVID-19 and embarks on the Decade of Action for accelerating the implementation of the SDGs, it is hoped that these examples provide inspiration to governments and stakeholders in their efforts to address crisis, reduce the risk of future potential emergencies and deliver on the ambitious and inclusive vision of the 2030 Agenda.
» Access the publication

Second Open Call for SDG Good Practices, Success Stories and Lessons Learned in the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda
A second open call for SDG good practices, success stories and lessons learned in the implementation of 2030 Agenda is now open through Feb. 28, 2021. The purpose of this call is to highlight examples of good practices, including those that could be replicated or scaled-up by others across the globe.
» More information

November 2020 CHA Global Health Networking Call Links

  1. World Health Organization – Katthyana Genevieve Aparicio Reyes
  2. University of Notre Dame, Pulte Institute for Global Development – Edward Jurkovic
  3. Catholic Medical Mission Board – Mary Beth Powers
  4. Catholic Relief Services – Scott LeFevre
  5. Global Water 2020 – Hank Habicht
  6. Medicines for Humanity – Kristen Fanfant
CHA is pleased to continue our annual tradition of providing a series of Advent and Christmas reflections. This year we offer a daily "seek and find" feature that will connect you with a daily reflection, video and children's message.
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Bruce Compton
Senior Director, Global Health
Catholic Health Association of the United States