Ethics Webinar

Preparing for the Ethics of Population Health: Our Moral Tradition Considered Anew

Oct. 25, 2016
Noon to 1:15 p.m. ET

Michael Rozier, SJ, MPH
Doctoral Candidate, Health Management and Policy
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Population health is increasingly important in U.S. health care in light of the Affordable Care Act and widespread acceptance of the Triple Aim framework from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that calls for improving patient experience, advancing population health and reducing the per capita cost of care.

At the same time, factors such as reduced payments for preventable readmissions, partial capitation associated with Accountable Care Organizations, and new community benefit reporting requirements have increased the focus on preventing illness and improving community health.

As organizations address the medical, financial and managerial aspects of these changes, it is equally important to consider the ethical implications of the new paradigm, particularly for organizations with religious foundations.

This presentation will explore ways in which the Christian and Jewish traditions have framed concerns for the health of individuals and populations over time and how these moral resources/insights can guide us in 1) navigating the shift from clinical care to population health or 2) helping us pair our expertise in clinical care with contemporary needs for population health.


At the completion of this webinar, participants will: 

  • Describe population health in the two primary ways it is used in health care today
  • Explain some of the distinct ethical challenges associated with hospitals taking on population health as a core strategy
  • Describe how Catholic and Jewish moral traditions can be used to negotiate some of the new ethical challenges associated with population health


May, 5, 2017
3-4 p.m. ET

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Rev. Michael Rozier, S.J. is a Jesuit priest and doctoral candidate in health management and policy at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the role of ethics in health organization decision making and health policy, particularly regarding Medicaid expansion, vaccine hesitancy and the relationship of providers and ethicists in neonatology. His dissertation focuses on the intersection of population health, community benefit, and health care ethics.

Previously, Rozier taught global health and public health ethics at Saint Louis University where he was the founding director of the School of Public Health’s undergraduate degree in public health. He also served as an ethics fellow with the World Health Organization in Geneva, focusing on the ethics of drug-resistant tuberculosis control and the response to pandemic influenza.

Rozier has earned graduate degrees in philosophy from the University of Toronto, in international health from Johns Hopkins University, and in moral theology from Boston College. He has lived and worked throughout Latin America.  

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