2021 Earth Day Resources

Earth Day is annually commemorated on April 22. For Catholic health ministries, this is an opportunity to reignite our commitment to stewardship of the resources entrusted to us and to more greatly consider the role of environmental in our justice efforts and as we address the social determinants of health. For this event, CHA is pleased to provide several resources each year, as well as highlighting additional sources of inspiration and education on the topic of environmental responsibility and climate change.

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2021 Resources

2021 Earth Day Prayer

Earth Day Prayer Reflection – For 2021 our prayer card is electronic only. You can download it as a jpeg or a PowerPoint slide for your use in electronic communications and social media.
Earth Day Reflection jpeg
Earth Day Reflection PowerPoint Slides
Earth Day Prayer Service
Earth Day Reflection Video
Earth Day Webinar recording - "Environmental Justice: A Conversation with Hilton Kelley"
Watch the Recording
Download the Presentation
'My Toxic Reality" by Hilton Kelley

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