Catholic Health Strategy Summit- Integrating Services for Seniors

Summit White Paper
"Crossing the Continuum: Integrating Senior Care in Catholic Health Systems," a paper commissioned by CHA to examine the value and feasibility of well-coordinated, fully-integrated models of care, especially for seniors and others dealing with chronic disease.


Dec. 13 — Exploring Integration's Potential

Overview of health reform mandates — Julie Trocchio, Catholic Health Association

Preparing for the future — Susan McDonough, Covenant Health Systems, Tewksbury, Mass.

Integration — What, Why and How
Howard Gleckman of the Urban Institute will discuss key themes from the paper he authored for the summit.

The Reality of Integration
Panel discussion featuring representatives from organizations discussed in "Crossing the Continuum: Integrating Senior Care in Catholic Health Systems."
Moderator — Julie Trocchio


Carla Gates, Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C., will discuss how Guided Care®, an approach for managing care for older adults with chronic conditions and complex health needs, can help providers across the continuum ensure that seniors receive optimal care while also helping to control costs.

Dr. Joseph Scarpa, Bon Secours New York Health System, Inc., Riverdale, N.Y., will discuss a program that closely connects his long-term care organization with Montefiore Hospital to improve the care of cardio pulmonary patients, using specialty and subspecialty medical care in both settings.

Len Fishman, Hebrew SeniorLife, Boston, will describe how Hebrew SeniorLife has partnered with physicians to significantly decrease hospital re-admissions for its residents.

Dec. 14 — Strategies for Catholic Health Care

System Strategies
Panel discussion to address how systems are organizing for better integration and to meet emerging needs.
Moderator — Elaine Bauer


Dale Thompson, Benedictine Health System, Cambridge, Minn., will describe his organization's vision for comprehensive services to older persons and how it is making it a reality in the communities Benedictine serves.

John DiCola, Catholic Health Initiatives, Denver, will discuss how his health system plans to address the needs of a growing senior population most of whom live in rural areas.

John Capasso, Catholic Health East, Newtown Square, Pa., will discuss how his system redesigned its services for older persons and how it offers expertise to other Catholic organizations seeking ways to better serve seniors.

Provider Strategies
Panel discussion addressing how hospitals, long-term care organizations and other providers are working to meet emerging needs.
Moderator — Elaine Bauer


Chris Kluckhohn, Catholic Health System, Buffalo, N.Y., will describe a transitions program where, working with Medicare HMOs, long-term care facilities can admit patients directly from the emergency department or home care and provide the level and quality of care they need. She will also describe the system's growing "Heart Strong" program.

Bonnie Mahon, Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, Md., will discuss how Holy Cross transformed its emergency care and in-patient services to better serve older people.

Jean Raymond, Catholic Healthcare West, San Francisco, will discuss how facilities in her health system are using the Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, a community-based initiative to keep seniors healthy and reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

Keynote Lunch

Msgr. Chuck Fahey presentation outline