Networking Conference Calls

CHA is pleased to begin a series of networking calls for members working to address the issues of diversity, health disparities and health equity.  We invite members to join us to share information on successful initiatives, to discuss challenges to progress and to brainstorm new ideas for action. CHA will convene its members in two networking calls a year as a forum for sharing, collaborating and learning across our ministries.

Upcoming Calls:

Calls are held from 1 to 2 p.m. ET.

Be sure to check our Calendar of Events for a full listing of upcoming events.

Who should participate in the calls:
These calls are open to CHA members who work on the issues of diversity, health disparities or health equity.

Call access:
CHA will send an email approximately a month before each of the calls, asking for agenda items. We'll be looking for members to highlight their programs, request for topics to be discussed by the group and more. Then, the day before each call, a final agenda will be sent by email. Communications will come from Kathy Curran, CHA senior director, public policy.