Resources for Speakers

 Register for Assembly     May 6, 2024 
 Submit Presentation Materials     May 28, 2024
 Submit Speaker Permission Form    May 13, 2024
 Submit Travel Expenses for Reimbursement     July 1, 2024 


Speakers are responsible for making all travel arrangements. 

For traditional, 45-minute breakout sessions, CHA will provide complimentary registration to the 2024 Catholic Health Assembly for selected session presenters. For each presenter selected, CHA will reimburse for one (1) night's lodging at the Assembly headquarters hotel, along with reasonable other reimbursable expenses. (See Reimbursable Expenses section below for details). Presenters are not eligible for reimbursement of air, ground, or rail transportation expenses. 

CHA will not cover registration fees or travel expenses for more presenters than noted above. 

Please submit all travel expenses using CHA's Expense Report Form. Send the completed form and corresponding receipts via mail or email it to: 

Madeline Hantak
4455 Woodson Rd. 
St. Louis, MO, 63134-3797

NOTE: Forms must be received by July 1, 2024. Be sure to include copies of your receipts. 

Reimbursable Expenses

  • One night's lodging — CHA will pay for one (1) night's lodging at the Assembly headquarters hotel, the Marriott Marquis San Diego. You are welcome to stay for the entire Assembly; however, you are responsible for any additional room nights. CHA has secured a block of sleeping rooms at the Marriott Marquis San Diego. A special discounted rate starting at $292 (additional taxes/fees will apply) is available to Assembly attendees through May 17, 2024, or until CHA's room block fills, whichever comes first. You are strongly encouraged to make your reservations as early as possible.

    Note: You must first be registered for the Assembly in order to book a room at the Marriott Marquis.
    Visit the Registration page to register and you will be able to reserve your hotel room at the end of the registration process. If you are already registered, please call CHA's housing provider at (833) 853-0550 to book your room (visit the Location page to learn more.)
  • Other incidental expenses — reasonable and customary meals, tips, telephone calls, internet connection, and other incidental expenses incurred in conjunction with presenting at the 2024 Catholic Health Assembly.

Nonreimbursable Expenses

  • In-room movies
  • Gift shop purchases or personal care items
  • Barber/hairstylist charges
  • Hotel health club fees
  • Mini-bar charges
  • Laundry service
  • Alcoholic beverages not consumed during meal times


CHA provides a PowerPoint template for speakers that reinforces the graphics and theme of Assembly 2024. You are encouraged to download the PowerPoint Template and use it when developing your presentation. (If you do not wish to use the CHA template, you may use your own.) Please note: Your PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to CHA no later than May 28, 2024.


What kind of room setup and audiovisual equipment will be available for my presentation?

The setup of meeting rooms may vary, depending on room assignments and/or presentation style. For more information about your presentation, please contact Madeline Hantak (email link), (314) 253-3418.

Which software applications and what versions will be available onsite to support my presentation?

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Wi-Fi will also be available for your presentation.

Can I embed graphics in my presentation?

Yes. To keep the file size of your presentation down, we recommend that you scale and crop your images to the desired size prior to placing them into PowerPoint.

How many people can I expect to attend my session?

Session attendance is dependent on the number of persons registered for the Assembly. The breakout sessions will be available in three time blocks.

Who will be in the audience?

The annual Catholic Health Assembly attracts an audience of senior leaders/decision-makers (executives, trustees, clinicians, and senior managers) from Catholic health care systems and facilities across the continuum of care (such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community outreach programs), as well as sponsors of ministry organizations.

May I bring an additional person to support my presentation? Will CHA cover expenses?

For a 45-minute, traditional breakout, CHA will waive the registration fee for Assembly 2024 for up to two (2) session presenters. Additionally, CHA will reimburse for one (1) night's lodging at the Assembly headquarters hotel for each session presenter, as noted in the guidelines (link) for the 2024 Call for Bold and Innovative Ideas.

May I stay in a hotel other than the Assembly headquarters hotel? Will CHA cover that hotel room's costs?

If you choose accommodations other than at the Assembly headquarters hotel (the Marriott Marquis San Diego), provide CHA a copy of your receipt for lodging (see below). CHA will reimburse you for one night's stay up to the equivalent cost of one night at the Assembly headquarters hotel.

May I submit my request for reimbursement of lodging expenses via the web?

Please submit all travel expenses using CHA's Expense Report Form. (link) Please download the form, fill it out and mail or email it to:

Madeline Hantak
4455 Woodson Rd.
St. Louis, MO, 63134-3797

Forms must be received by July 1, 2024. Be sure to include copies of your receipts.

For additional information:
Madeline Hantak: (314) 253-3428