Pre-Assembly Community Benefit Program

Responding to the Needs of the Times 

June 9, 2024
8am – Noon
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina  
There is an additional registration fee of $50 for attending this program.

Responding to the most pressing needs of our communities is at the heart of Catholic health care’s mission. This year’s pre-Assembly Community Benefit program will focus on the CHA Board’s Call To Action to the Catholic Health Ministry to reassess and modernize its longstanding commitment to Community Benefit, as communities struggle with access, affordability and equity.

Hear how Catholic health care organizations are modernizing financial assistance, incorporating equity into all aspects of community health improvement, partnering with communities to address the social determinants of health and reporting their total community health impact so they can be fully accountable. Together, we can modernize the Ministry's Community Benefit commitment and reaffirm the vital role that not-for-profit health care plays in improving the health of the communities they serve.


  • Sterling Coker, MBA - Chief Revenue Cycle Officer, Mercy, St. Louis 
  • Jaime Dircksen - Vice President, Community Health & Well-Being, Trinity Health, Livonia, MI  
  • Sarah E. Hetue Hill - Regional Vice President, Mission Integration, CHRISTUS, Santa Rosa Health System, San Antonio, TX  
  • Elizabeth Lutz - Executive Director, The Health Collaborative, San Antonio, TX  
  • Megan McAninch-Jones - Executive Director, Community Health, Interim Executive Director, Global & Domestic Engagement, Providence, Renton, WA  
  • Shawn Stack - Director, Perspectives & Analysis, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)