Innovation Spotlight Sessions

Sunday, June 9

Stage 1
2:30 p.m. Session Title: Enhancing Patient Quality through Provider Empowerment with AI
  Presenter: Dany Accilien, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director | RelyMD
  Session Narrative:
We'll showcase how our company is leveraging AI to support patient care by streamlining administrative tasks, providing valuable feedback to enhance provider wellness, and optimizing revenue cycle management. From automating documentation to offering insights for better self-care and improving RCM, AI's impact spans across direct and indirect interactions with healthcare providers, ultimately elevating the quality of patient care while supporting the well-being of our providers.
2:50 p.m. Session Title: Unlocking Diversity: Elevating Board Governance
  Presenters: John Tiscornia
Managing Director

Leslie Grimmer
Huron Managing Director
Board Member — Trinity Health Sr. Mary Mercy Livonia
  Session Narrative:
In this session, we will explore the critical intersection of board governance and diversity. Attendees will gain practical insights on recruiting, retaining, and empowering diverse board members to create a dynamic and representative leadership team. We will also discuss the importance of board member orientation and ongoing education to support more effective governance.
Stage 2
2:35 p.m. Session Title: AHA/IFDHE's Health Equity Innovation Summits: Co-Designing for Health Equity
  Presenter: Julie Kim
Senior Program Manager
American Hospital Association
  Session Narrative:
Since 2022, AHA’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity travelled across the nation to host regional Health Equity Summits. These summits were a one-day, interactive innovation workshop to co-design solutions for health equity within attendees’ organizations and regions. Using the AHA’s Health Equity Roadmap as a framework, attendees were guided through an innovation design thinking session to tackle pertinent challenges in health equity, resulting in the creation of transformative health equity strategies. This session will discuss the four key design principles that emerged from the nine regional summits.
2:55 p.m. Session Title: Health Starts with Home: A Collaborative Partnership Between Housing Providers and Healthcare Organizations
  Presenter: Ismael Guerrero
President & CEO
Mercy Housing
  Session Narrative:
The holistic health and housing collaboration between Mercy Housing and Peace Health is a partnership that makes wellness more accessible to households with low incomes. In 2022, Columbia Heights opened its doors to 69 families in Vancouver, Wash. Hear from CEO & President Ismael Guerrero on how Mercy Housing, the largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing in the United States, made this new affordable community a reality and how the organization partners to offer community benefits that improve the well-being and health of thousands of individuals.

Monday, June 10

Stage 1
11:15 a.m. Session Title: SSM Health’s Journey to Healthcare Workforce Management Through a Flexible Nursing Solution
  Presenter: Larry Adams, RN, MSN, MBA
Chief Nurse Executive
  Session Narrative:
SSM Health partnered with ShiftMed to implement an on-demand nursing solution, transitioning from costly contract labor to a sustainable workforce model. This strategic shift led to $9 million in savings and enhanced workforce efficiency. The on-demand model enabled quick, efficient staffing, aligning workforce capacity with patient care needs, and seamlessly integrating over 1,500 healthcare professionals into the system. This approach not only optimized staffing levels but also improved patient outcomes, demonstrating a successful adaptation to evolving workforce needs in healthcare.
11:35 a.m. Session Title: Making Your Clinic Immigrant Friendly (Remember there’s an election coming)
  Presenter: Mark Kuczewski, Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Ethics
Loyola University Chicago Bioethics Institute
  Session Narrative:
Now is the perfect time for this refresher on best practices to help your immigrant patients to feel and be safe in your facility. Enhance your ability to serve these populations and safeguard their health and that of the community. Policy considerations and advocacy will also be discussed.
11:55 a.m. Session Title: Serving Patient Needs with Navigation
  Presenter: Michael Murphy
Vice President, Sales
Care Continuity
  Session Narrative:
Hospitals across the country have seen a dramatic increase in patient attrition over the past decade because of competition, deferred care, and barriers to follow-up. Health systems have invested heavily in creating complex delivery networks, but patients are tasked with more decisions and access challenges than ever before. Building a comprehensive patient navigation program can integrate providers across the network and ensure that patients receive the care they need.

The presentation will offer guidance on how to build such a program, while ensuring that a hospital system can succeed in its mission.
Stage 2
11:20 a.m. Session Title: Protecting Hospitals- AI and Advances in Concealed Weapons Detection
  Presenters: Patti Weber
Director, SafePointe Weapons Detection

Rob Neal
Director, SafePointe Weapons Detection
  Session Narrative:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impacting every facet of healthcare — including physical security. Numerous systems and capabilities exist that can find concealed weapons. How do you cut through the clutter and find the right system for your hospital and use case? This session examines relative strengths and weaknesses of using AI in this fashion and factors to consider when choosing an approach.
11:40 a.m. Session Title: Reducing Trauma and Compassion Fatigue: Reproductive Grief Care in the ED
  Presenters: Dr. Michaelen Fredenburg, LHD, h.c.
  Session Narrative:
Each year, 1 million miscarriages occur in the U.S. with 50-70% seeking care in the Emergency Department. Alarmingly, studies indicate that up to 60% of bereaved parents suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD within two years. Moreover, research has linked maternal suicide with reproductive loss as well as compassion fatigue among nurses. Despite this, there’s a notable absence of education and protocols to ensure patients receive trauma-informed, whole person care. Please join us to discuss an innovative approach that equips multidisciplinary teams to respond effectively to early pregnancy loss while reducing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma among healthcare providers.