Johnny Cox, RN, Ph.D.

Lifetime Achievement Award
For a lifetime of contributions to the ministry

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Johnny Cox, RN, Ph.D.
Former Sponsor, Providence St. Joseph Health
Renton, Washington and
Chief Ethics Advisor
Alliance of Catholic Health Care
Sacramento, Calif.

Johnny Cox is a former member of the sponsor for Providence St. Joseph Health in Renton, Washington and was Chief Ethics Advisor at Alliance of Catholic Health Care in Sacramento. His life-long vocation has been dedicated to sustaining and strengthening the Catholic health ministry as an effective instrument of the Gospel. From his beginnings as a nurse, through his doctorate in moral theology, to his long service in Catholic health systems as a moral theologian, educator, advisor and sponsor, Johnny has inspired and mentored many and encouraged them to attain the necessary training and formation in mission, theology and related disciplines to qualify for leadership positions in the Catholic health care ministry. Johnny’s deep faith, technical competence, humility and experience has made him both a servant leader and natural mentor.

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