CHA takes on mission, functions of ministry executive networking organization

August 1, 2020

Beginning Aug. 1, CHA takes on the functions of the Catholic CEO Healthcare Connection, a nonprofit organization that gathered Catholic health ministry executives for networking and collaboration.

In a memo announcing the change to CCHC members, CCHC Board Chair Laura Kaiser wrote that since forming in 1985, CCHC had been an important convener of Catholic health care leaders, serving as a forum for members to share best practices and deepen relationships across Catholic health care. She wrote, "Collaboration is an integral part of our ministry's ability to thrive, and I look forward to seeing the great work of CCHC continue as part of CHA." Kaiser is president and chief executive of St. Louis' SSM Health and a CHA board trustee.

Operated under Executive Director Roger Butler, CCHC had helped ministry executives to broaden their expertise while also strengthening the mission of Catholic health care, according to information from the organization's website. Butler completed his service as the organization's executive director July 10.

The board of CCHC is dissolving the organization and transitioning its functions, operations and informational assets to CHA under a letter of understanding.

In addition to chief executive networking, CCHC's work has centered around strategy and innovation, clinical quality leadership and cybersecurity. It convened forums, retreats, and networking events and hosted webinars.

Loren Chandler, CHA chief operations and finance officer, said CHA is evaluating all of CCHC's programming and will determine in consultation with CHA members which offerings are most valuable to them and how best to continue those offerings. By the end of the year, CHA will make decisions on the programming schedule and fee structure for former CCHC forums and specialty groups.



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