2017 Earth Day Prayer

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Gracious God, Creator of the world, draw us into prayer and celebration this Earth Day as we remember the gifts of your earth and the stewardship you have entrusted to us. Let us rejoice in the beautiful gift of creation, the mystery and glory of nature and the earth that has been put into the care of our hands. Grant us the wisdom and will to conserve your creation.

Earth Day Prayer 2017

And so we pray …


Light and Darkness, night and day.

We marvel at the mystery of the stars.

Moon and sky, sand and sea.

We marvel at the mystery of the sun.

Twilight, high noon, dusk and dawn.

We celebrate Your creation.

Flesh and bone, steel and stone.

We dwell in all You have made.

Grant steadfast love, compassion, grace.

We must share Your resources among all.

Splendor, mercy, majesty, love endure.

We are called to find justice for those least among us.

Resplendent skies, sunset, sunrise.

The grandeur of creation lifts our lives.

Evening darkness, morning dawn.

We are renewed in Your majestic creation.



Adapted from a prayer from the Rabbinical Assembly of the United Synagogue of America

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