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Episode 40 -  Telehealth at Home

Virtual care is here to stay.  But what exactly is it?  In this episode, Sandy Dieleman, CEO of Avera@Home and Dr. Carter Fenton, medical director of Mercy’s vAcute, discuss how the pandemic helped hardwire telehealth as a viable and important element in delivering health care into the homes of patients and the important role it plays in helping care for those suffering from chronic conditions.  

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Episode 39 – The Future of Global Health
The importance of a strong global health network has become abundantly clear during COVID-19.  As Catholic health care in the United States continues to support global health initiatives during pandemics, wars and natural disasters, how relief efforts are organized and implemented requires intentional planning and coordination.  Mary Beth Powers, President and CEO of CMMB joins Bruce Compton, CHA’s senior director, Global Health, to discuss how U.S. Catholic health care can help advance the delivery of health care internationally. 

Episode 38 – Long-Term Care Workforce Shortages

COVID-19 has created major challenges for the long-term care workforce in the U.S.  But even before the pandemic, there were issues around retaining and recruiting these essential caregivers. Two experts from Leading Age, which represents more than 5,000 nonprofit aging services providers, provide their insights on this critically important topic.   

Addressing the Shortage of Workers in Long-Term Care (HP Article)

Episode 37 – Understanding Palliative Care
For many, including some health care professionals, palliative care is often equated with hospice care despite differences in how they apply to patients. In this episode Dr. Glen Komatsu, regional chief medical officer of Hospice & Palliative Care for Providence St. Joseph Health, Southern California, and Denise Hess, CHA’s director of Supportive Care, explain the benefits of palliative care and discuss how patients and their loved ones can talk to their physicians and caregivers about receiving care that’s designed to support the treatment of symptoms and side effects of serious disease and improve overall quality of life.
CHA Palliative Care resource page
CHA creates prayers and reflections for holy days and other observances throughout the year.

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Meditations for Use During the Pandemic

CHA's Julie Trocchio discusses partnering with rural communities in a recent MEDHOST podcast

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Episode 36 – Environmental Justice
This episode looks at the importance of environmental justice from both a domestic and global perspective. Guests Laura Anderko of Villanova University, and Susan Barnett of Faiths for Safe Water, provide fresh insights into the articles they each wrote for the 2021 Fall Issue of Health Progress. The topic of environmental justice also connects to CHA’s Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity Initiative.

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Episode 35 – Living in 63106
CHA is participating in a racial equity storytelling project that focuses on families dealing with the pandemic who live in the 63106 zip code of St. Louis. Dick Weiss, the project’s co-founder, joins resident Kim Daniel who discusses the challenges she and her neighbors face in their community. Kim also provides her personal perspective on why she is hesitant to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Before Ferguson Beyond Ferguson

Episode 34 – Children's Health Insurance
The number of uninsured children in the U.S. has risen significantly in the past few years. In this episode, Professor Joan Alker from Georgetown University and Dr. Heidi Sallee from SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital discuss the reasons for this trend, the policy implications, and what Catholic health care can do to help increase coverage for kids.

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» Medicaid Makes It Possible

Episode 33 – Catholic Social Teaching and the Business of Health Care
Catholic Social Teaching is at the very core of Catholic health care. But how is it applied to the the business side of the ministry, especially when tough decisions are being made? Fr. Michael Rozier, PhD, an assistant professor of health management and policy at St. Louis University, and Fr. Joseph Driscoll, DMin, director of ministry formation and organizational spirituality at Redeemer Health, reflect on this question and offer examples how these principles are put into practice among Catholic health leaders.

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Episode 32 – Catholic Health's Role in Protecting the Environment
Whether it's wildfires, floods, hurricanes or a global pandemic, we are constantly reminded about the reality of climate change and the challenges we face to protect the environment. What role does Catholic health care play in shaping policy, promoting positive change and mitigating harm to God’s creation? Lois Sechrist, environmental stewardship manager at Ascension, and Rachelle Reyes Wenger, system VP of public policy and advocacy engagement for CommonSpirit, discuss what Catholic care is doing, and what more needs to be done, in caring for creation.

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Episode 31 – Aging and Long-Term Care
Many Catholic nursing homes and long-term care facilities are closing, being sold, or being reconfigured in an effort to keep them viable. Howard Gleckman, senior fellow at The Urban Institute, and Susan McDonough, the Catholic Eldercare and Acute Care specialist for Ziegler Investment Banking, discuss the various challenges these facilities face and how to pursue policy changes that improve the care our elders need.
Health Progress Winter 2021 Issue - "Aging and Long-Term Care"

Episode 30 – COVID-19 Vaccines and Faith Communities
Amidst the public discourse about COVID-19 vaccines are questions and concerns pertaining to moral implications and religious objections. Fr. Tom Nairn, PhD, a trained ethicist and author of several books on bioethics, joins Dr. Reginald Eadie, president and CEO at Trinity Health of New England, in countering some of the myths and clarifying some of the misinformation that has arisen.
Learn more about CHA’s Love Thy Neighbor campaign
» Podcast transcript

Episode 29 – COVID-19: Implications for Nursing Education and Leadership
The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife coincided with the "Year of COVID-19." In this episode, we hear from two authors who contributed articles for the Fall 2020 Nurses Leading the Way issue of Health Progress. Sr. Rosemary Donley, a nursing professor at Duquesne University, discusses how the pandemic can reshape the future of nursing education, while Kathy Sanford, executive senior VP and chief nursing officer for CommonSpirit Health, talks about how it has the underscored the importance of nurse leaders.

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Episode 28 - Special Well-Being Exercise Podcast
Using CHA’s reflection and meditative videos, this podcast leads the listener through almost an hour of self-care exercises.

Episode 27 - COVID-19 and Care for Older Persons
Guests Ruth Katz from Leading Age, a nonprofit focused on education, advocacy and applied research for older adults, and Justin Hinker, the administrator of Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community in Sioux Falls, S.D., share their perspectives on how the pandemic has created new challenges and opportunities for those who care for older persons.

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Episode 26 - Public Policy and the Common Good
A priest and a law professor come together for a robust discussion on how the common good can be better understood in the context of public policy, particularly health care policy. Fr. Charles Bouchard, CHA's senior director, theology and sponsorship, joins Prof. Sam Halabi, the Manley Hudson professor of Law at the University of Missouri – Columbia, to share insights from their recent Health Progress articles.

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Episode 25 - Hospital Chaplains and COVID-19
The role of hospital chaplain has been evolving, and COVID-19 has created new challenges and opportunities for how chaplains provide spiritual care and emotional support for patients, their loved ones, and fellow caregivers. Guests Chelsea Leitcher, a chaplain who served with Dignity Health, and Jane Levdansky, a chaplain with SSM Health, share their experiences and insights of how their ministry has changed during the pandemic.

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Episode 24 - COVID-19: Health Care Disparities During the Pandemic
Reducing health disparities and improving access to care has become more important than ever during this pandemic. Dr. Sam Ross, chief community health officer for Bon Secours Mercy Health, and Dennis Gonzales, CHA's senior director of mission innovation and integration, offer their insights on how Catholic health care is addressing these challenges.

Health Progress
 article: Gonzales Says of CHA's Mission Department: We're Here to Help

Episode 23 - COVID-19: Caring for the Caregivers
The pandemic is requiring clinicians to make major adjustments in how they provide care. Laura McKinnis, who serves as a nurse practitioner in emergency medicine in the Milwaukee area, shares her experience in caring for COVID-19 patients, her family and herself. Cindy Rosburg, chief human resources officer at Mercy in St. Louis, provides an overview of changes their system has made to care for their caregivers during the crisis.

Health Progress article: Gazing Through the Mask
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Episode 22 - Data in Health Care
Would you be willing to sacrifice some personal privacy so that you or a loved one could live a longer, healthier life? That’s the main question explored in this episode featuring Alan Pitt, MD, a professor of neuroradiology at the Barrow Neurological Institute (part of CommonSpirit Health). Dr. Pitt is joined by CHA Director of Ethics Nathaniel Blanton Hibner, Ph.D. for a discussion about the benefits, risks and ethical and practical considerations around the use of personal data in delivering health care.

Health Progress article:
Data in Health Care: Would You Share Information to Gain Better Care?

2019 Catholic Health USA Podcast Episodes

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 21 - Global Health: A Case Study
Catholic health care has an international presence and CHA members in the U.S. support this global ministry through donations of surplus medical supplies and equipment and organizing and staffing medical missions. In this episode, we discuss how the Catholic church in Tanzania and Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach in Springfield, IL are working together to improve health in that country. CHA’s Brian Reardon and Bruce Compton talk with Fr. Charles Kittima, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Tanzania, and Georgia Winson, executive director of Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach.
Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach
CHA Global Health resources

Episode 20 - Housing and Transportation
Stable housing and reliable transportation have a direct link to the health status of individuals. In this episode, Jane Graf, President and CEO, Mercy Housing, and Will Snyder, Sr. VP, Chief Advocacy Officer, AMITA Health, discuss how Catholic health care is collaborating with other organizations to ensure the housing and transportation needs of their patients are met.
Health Progress | September-October, 2019 - Housing and Transportation

Episode 19 - Carrying the Torch
As the laity are increasingly called to serve as leaders and sponsors in Catholic health care, it is imperative that they have the education, ministry formation and spiritual practices needed for these roles.  Sister Maureen McGuire, DC, of Ascension, Patrick McCruden of SSM Health, and Diarmuid Rooney of CHA discuss the development of lay leaders who will carry the ministry’s torch forward. 

Resources for the episode

Health Progress articles

Episode 18 - The Suicide Epidemic
The CDC reports more than 45,000 Americans died from suicide in 2016. How health care organizations and policy makers can better address this epidemic is the focus of this discussion with Lisa Picker, the mother of a suicide victim and an advocate for better mental health care, and Benjamin F. Miller, chief strategy officer of the Well Being Trust.

Episode 17 - Immigrant Youth at Risk
Mark Kuczewski, PhD, professor of medical ethics at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, and Fr. Corey Brost, director of Viator House of Hospitality, discuss the many challenges facing undocumented youth and share their insights on what Catholic health care can do to support them.

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Links mentioned in episode Loyola Sanctuary Doctor resource page:

Episode 16 - Assembly 2019
Brian and Mary Ann review the 2019 CHA Assembly. Highlights include a panel discussion on the clergy abuse scandal, a bi-partisan discussion about Medicare for All, comments from CHA’s incoming and outgoing chairpersons, remarks by the award recipients and a final thank you from Sr. Carol Keehan, DC.

Episode 15 - Healing Spaces
From natural elements and religious art, to meaningful encounters with staff, the environment where health care services are provided plays an vital role in the healing process. In this episode Philip Boyle, senior vice president, mission and ethics, Trinity Health, and Zeni Fox, a member of the Ascension Sponsor and professor emerita, Seton Hall University, share their insights and experiences in helping create healing spaces.

Episode 14 - Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM conference call with members
This podcast is a recording of an April 29 teleconference with CHA members following the announcement of Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, as the new president and CEO of CHA. During the first part of the teleconference, Sr. Mary talks about her background and then joins Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, CHA’s current president and CEO, to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for Catholic health care and the transition in leadership.

Episode 13 - Genomics and Ethics
Genetic engineering holds the promise of curing and preventing disease. But as this technology advances and is more widely adopted, there are a variety of moral and ethical issues to consider. In this episode, Dr. Paul Scherz, PhD, from The Catholic University of America, and Fr. Kevin FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, from Creighton University, discuss the ethics of biomedical research and medical genomics.

Episode 12 - Food and Water: Justice, Spirituality and Health
Every human needs food and water to live. But are these basic elements for life equitably available and is Catholic health care giving them adequate attention and reverence? To discuss those and other questions, we brought together three authors who contributed to the March-April 2019 issue of Health Progress: Francine Blinten, a clinical nutritionist with the Connecticut Mental Health Center, Jon Magnuson, director of Cedar Tree Institute, and Camille Grippon, system director, global ministries, Bon Secours Mercy Health.

Episode 11 - Medicaid Policy
CHA has launched the “Medicaid Makes It Possible” campaign to help ensure Medicaid remains viable. A panel of experts discuss why Medicaid is vital to our nation’s health care delivery system and some of the policy challenges facing the program. Guests include Cindy Mann, former deputy administrator and director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP at CMS, currently a partner with the Manatt Health Team; Joan Alker, Executive Director, Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University; Angela Botticella, chief of staff, CHA; and Rhonda Medows, MD, President, Population Health Management at Providence St. Joseph Health.
Learn more at our Medicaid Makes it Possible website. 

Episode 10 - Catholics Against Human Trafficking
The Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking consists of national and international agencies working to eliminate the scourge of human trafficking. Two coalition members - Anne Victory, HM, RN, MSN, Director of Education Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, and Hilary Chester, PhD, Associate Director for Anti-Trafficking Programs, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - discuss what is being done to identify and help victims. For a list of resources and groups addressing human trafficking visit our Human Trafficking Resources page.

2018 Podcast Episodes

Episode 9 - Sr. Carol Keehan on Major Issues in Catholic Health Care
CHA President and CEO Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, talks about challenges to the ACA and Medicaid, education around palliative care, the clergy sex abuse scandal and the process for selecting her successor.

Episode 8 - Washington Update: The 2018 Midterm Elections
Mike Rodgers and Lisa Smith from the CHA Advocacy team explain how the 2018 midterm elections may impact health care policy in 2019. Topics discussed include protecting the ACA, expanding Medicaid, and an overview of legislation on palliative care, drug discount pricing, and programs for the elderly.

Episode 7 - The Resilient Clinician
Mental health issues facing health care professionals, especially physicians, is getting more attention recently and was a major topic at CHA’s Physician Leader Forum in October, 2018. One of the speakers at the forum was Dr. Robert Wicks, an author and psychologist who teaches at Loyola University Maryland and writes and lectures extensively about the prevention of secondary stress. Dr. Wicks shares his insights on how those who care for others need to also care for themselves.

Episode 6 - Palliative and Hospice Care
What is palliative and hospice care and what does Catholic social teaching say about it? What conversations do clinicians need to have with their patients and each other about end of life issues? These and other questions are discussed by a panel of experts from CHA, the Archdiocese of Boston, Washington University, Mercy, and St. Louis University. Visit the Palliative Care section of our website for more information and resources.

Episode 5 - Taking our Care Outside the Walls
This episode looks at how Catholic health care collaborates with others to extend care in the community. Coletta Barrett, Vice-President of Mission, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Chair of the Board, Mayor's Healthy City Initiative in Baton Rouge, LA, and Julie Trocchio, Senior Director, Community Benefit and Continuing Care for CHA are the featured guests. 
The September-October 2018 issue of Health Progress follows the theme of this podcast. Read the issue, "Taking our care outside the walls," online today.

Episode 4 - When Disasters Strike: A Special Convening for International & Domestic Response
Highlights from a two-day conference on how Catholic health care can best respond to domestic and international disasters is the focus of this episode. Guests include Lance Mendiola from CHRISTUS Health, Karen Reich from Bon Secours, Dr. Alex Garza from SSM Health, and Kim Burgo from Catholic Charities USA. The episode was taped on-site at CHRISTUS Health in Irving Texas.
CHA’s publication “Disaster Response: Considerations for Catholic Health Care” can be ordered and downloaded at www.chausa.org/disaster.

Episode 3 - Caring for those who suffer
This episode features an interview with David Addiss, MD, MPH, the director of the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics at the Task Force for Global Health, and adjunct professor at Emory and Notre Dame. Dr. Addiss provides additional insight into his recent Health Progress article about how global health must draw on compassion, solidarity and justice. Bruce Compton, Senior Director of International Outreach for CHA, joins the discussion on how Catholic health care can best work to alleviate suffering in the U.S. and around the world.

Episode 2 - Assembly 2018 highlights
Staff from CHA discuss their favorite moments from Assembly 2018 in San Diego.  Audio highlights from Assembly speakers Sr. Mary Jean Ryan, Martin Sheen, Jon Meacham and Steve Pemberton are featured.  Topics include the impact each individual can have on the lives of others, the state of political discourse in the U.S., immigration, the value of empathy, leadership traits, and CHA’s “Medicaid Makes It Possible” campaign. 

Episode 1 - Discussing the opioid epidemic and health care disrupters
The first episode of Catholic Health USA focuses on the opioid epidemic and features two segments with Dr. Fred Rottnek, a professor and director of community medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Host Brian Reardon, CHA's vice president of communications and marketing, is joined by Mary Ann Steiner, the editor of Health Progress, and Clay O’Dell, the director of CHA member advocacy, in talking with Dr. Rottnek. In the third segment, Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, CHA's president and chief executive officer, and Dr. Rod Hochman, president and chief executive of Providence St. Joseph Health and chair of CHA's Board of Trustees, discuss health care disrupters.

Sr. Carol Keehan, DC Interviewed in FAH Podcast

Sr. Carol joined Chip Kahn from the Federation of American Hospitals for a discussion on her career and how health care has changed over the years.
Listen to the podcast

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