CHA Welcomes the Decision of the Supreme Court Protecting the Affordable Care Act

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June 17, 2021

Contact: Brian Reardon

Statement by Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, President and Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Health Association of the United States

WASHINGTON, DC – “The Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) welcomes today’s decision by the Supreme Court protecting the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While we continue to review the decision and its future implications, today’s opinion provides a needed source of stability for individuals and families who rely on the protections and coverage provided by the ACA.

“We hope today’s opinion represents the start of a new chapter in our nation where we can come together to strengthen the ACA to ensure all Americans have access to affordable health care. At a time when 31 million Americans receive health care coverage under ACA exchanges and Medicaid expansions, it is time for our nation to redouble our efforts to close the Medicaid gap for the 2.2 million uninsured adults living below the federal poverty level.

“CHA believes that all people are born with God-given dignity and worth and that access to affordable health care is not only a fundamental need but a basic human right that is essential to participate fully in our society. In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to working with members of Congress and the Administration to ensure this goal becomes a reality for all Americans.”

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The Catholic Health Association of the United States is the national leadership organization of the Catholic health ministry, representing the largest nonprofit provider of health care services in the nation.

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