Mission leaders have a working knowledge of Catholic theology and are acquainted with the plurality of religions that will be encountered among the employees, physicians, trustees, patients and others who are served within our institutions.


  • Integrates Scripture and the basic principles and doctrines of Catholic theology as articulated by Vatican II and subsequent Church teaching
  • Connects faith with life using various reflection processes, such as Theological Reflection 
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of world religions and an appreciation for different faith traditions, beliefs and cultures
  • Expresses the theological understandings of the organization’s mission and values in multiple and engaging ways
  • Communicates the relevance of theology to the organization’s vision, strategies and operations 


  • Expresses an authentic understanding and orientation to the Catholic Church as articulated by Vatican II and subsequent Church teaching
  • Articulates the relationship of Catholic health ministry to the broader ministry of the Church 
  • Understands and values the significance of sacrament and ritual in the fullness of the healing ministry
  • Is familiar with the plurality of religious beliefs
  • Applies the moral and social teaching of the Church to the healing ministry
  • Supports the implementation of the Ethical And Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
  • Fosters a collegial relationship with the diocesan bishop and connects with other diocesan leaders as appropriate 


  • Uses and searches out resources as needed to apply Canon Law to Catholic health care