Organizational Management

Mission leaders have the management competencies needed to be recognized as productive contributors to the organization. They understand the interrelationship of shared beliefs, behaviors and assumptions of the organization.


  • Invites, listens and responds to the voices of colleagues
  • Exhibits flexibility and collaborates with people throughout the organization
  • Is knowledgeable about the sponsors’ role and communicates appropriately on issues related to mission and values
  • Possesses and uses effectively good written and oral communication skills


  • Has a working knowledge of the organization’s operations
  • Makes executive decisions based on the organization’s mission and a functional knowledge of the business and financial realities
  • Integrates the mission throughout the culture of the organization, using a systems approach 


  • Leads change and manages the organization effectively with other executives through changing times
  • Organizes and implements actions around the organization’s goals, strategies and priorities
  • Empowers and supports the human potential of colleagues
  • Manages his/her division effectively
  • Engages in effective succession planning