Mission leaders bring strategic direction, thinking and guidance as well as a collaborative spirit to the organization to ensure that it is faithful to its purpose, identity and values.


  • Articulates and makes operational the organization’s mission and values as a credible driving force for the common good
  • Models a leadership style that is collaborative, flexible and goal oriented
    Clearly sees how the mission is integrated within the organization, and has a vision of where it needs to go
  • Develops, supports and engages in a team approach to leadership 
  • Displays effective leadership in complex settings marked by religious, cultural and work style diversity


  • Demonstrates a passion for the organization’s mission and interprets it prophetically and appropriately for varied audiences, both internal and external 
  • Inspires others to live out the mission 
  • Acts with practical knowledge, courage and prudence in conversations and decision making at the executive level of the organization 


  • Helps colleagues identify their work as ministry 
  • Forms board members and co-workers throughout the organization to integrate the mission in their work using effective group skills and principles of adult learning 
  • Analyzes and assesses the organization’s health particularly related to mission and values 
  • Mediates and facilitates conflict management processes, as appropriate