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We Are Called Prayer Card - March 2022

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We Are Called Prayer Card - March 2022
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We Are Called Prayer Card - March 2022
As a part of the Catholic health ministry’s We Are Called campaign, CHA offers several prayer card. This particular card is available for order hardcopy and then also available as a jpeg ready for use in a PowerPoint or virtual meeting, an electronic newsletter or other venue for sharing a reflection on our call to equity.

Please note:
-  Each version of each card comes in a pack of 50. The prayer is the same on each – it is only the imagery and colors that are different.
Endorsed by CHA’s Board of Trustees, We Are Called represents the Catholic health ministry’s commitment to concerted and coordinated efforts to achieve equity in our own health systems, facilities and communities and to advocate systemic change in the wider health care sector and our society. The Catholic health ministry is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this effort based on our ministry’s long history of caring for everyone regardless of race or socioeconomic status and our deep commitment to the social teachings and moral principles of the Catholic faith. Health inequity is a persistent and lingering legacy of the systemic racism and social prejudices that have far too often been prevailing characteristics in our nation’s history. By pledging our commitment to achieve health equity, we can defeat that harmful legacy.

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Publication Date: March 11, 2021
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