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Environment Card

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Environment Card
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This 5 x 7, two-sided card is available in hardcopy and download formats. The front contains a quote from Gary Cohen, founder of Health Care Without Harm: "We have come to realize that you cannot have healthy people on a sick planet." The backside includes Mr. Cohen’s pitch to health care executives during an April 2019 CHA webinar: "Climate change is a medical emergency. Health care is in a unique and critical position to play a leading role to address this growing crisis and improve the health of all Americans. We can make our facilities climate resilient and address the most vulnerable people that we serve. We can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and toxic chemicals in our buildings and our supply chains. We can become messengers and advocates who educate their communities about the health benefits of clean energy. This is the heart of Catholic teaching. This is what it means to be part of God’s healing ministry. We need to live our mission to the fullest in these most perilous of times. Are you in with us?" 

So that you can share them widely across your organization and throughout your communities, these cards are offered with free shipping.

Product Details

Publication Date: May 13, 2019
Number of Pages: 1 page, 2 sided
Product Dimensions: H: 7 IN., W: 5 IN.
Shipping Weight: 0.6875 Lb.