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A Reflection Guide for International Health Activities

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A Reflection Guide for International Health Activities
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Witnessing life in a foreign culture - and more dramatically, encountering conditions of poverty and lack of health care - often are life-changing experiences with long-lasting effects. This booklet is a resource for persons who express interest in participating in a mission trip as well as those who are selected as volunteers for mission trips to low- and middle-income countries to help reflection on the overall experience. Designed for individual or group use, its contents lead users through discerning participation, preparation for a trip, arrival, the days of the experience, leaving, re-entering normal life and remembering and remaining rooted in the experience. Each of its six sections includes questions for reflection, spiritual exercises, sources for additional information and inspirational quotes and poems. It also includes plenty of journaling pages. It is a perfect companion piece to CHA’s Guiding Principles for Conducting International Health Activities. Please order copies for all those who participate in or help plan international health activities.

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Publication Date: October 01, 2016
Number of Pages: 148
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