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Product Image A Catholic Theological Vision for Genomics
This 20-page pamphlet is the text of a speech delivered April 11, 2003, by Rev. Michael D. Place, STD, CHA president and chief executive officer, at the Loyola University Chicago Bioethics Conference, >>

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Product Image Cases in Genetics: A Collection of Selected Case Studies
These case studies, prepared by the staff of CHA's Theology and Ethics Department, and others in the Catholic health ministry, appeared individually in issues of Health Progress throughout 2003. They >>

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Product Image Ethics Lab 3: Facing Disparities in Health Care (Print and CD)
This collection of an interactive CD and brochure provides an opportunity for individual or group dialogue and reflection about racial disparity in health care and the importance of cultural competence. >>

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Product Image Genetics, Science, and the Church: A Synopsis of Catholic Church Teachings on Science and Genetics
In an attempt to help foster better understanding of the church's position on genetic research and its applications, CHA has compiled this synopsis of church teachings. Though not complete, this evolving >>

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Product Image It's Time to Consider a Career in Catholic Health Care Ethics: Ethics Leadership in Catholic Healthcare
Developed to help create interest in the ethics role in Catholic health care and attract potential candidates, this brochure highlights ethics as a potential career path and includes a Internet address >>

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Product Image Striving for Excellence in Ethics: A Resource for the Catholic Health Ministry - (2nd Edition)
This comprehensive new ethics resource produced in 2014 features an updated edition of the original Striving for Excellence in Ethics print publication produced in 2011 and a new Assessment Tool with >>

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Product Image The Ethics Role in Catholic Health Care
Among those who have responsibility for "doing ethics" in Catholic health care are professional ethicists. This collection of previously published materials explores the role of the ethicist in Catholic >>

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