Books & Texts


CHA offers books and texts that address strategic areas of mission, ethics, leadership formation, environmental stewardship, community benefit and more. Over 50 products are available in printed volumes, many of which are available in digital formats. New books and texts are released throughout the year.

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In-person Meetings


CHA holds many in-person meetings throughout the year that provide both rich content and an opportunity to network with peers from across the ministry.

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Other Printed Products


These uplifting resources include bookmarks, prayer cards, posters and more.

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Prayer Cards


Prayer Cards

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Recorded Webinars & Audio Conferences


Our popular webinars and audio conferences offer a flexible, cost-effective training opportunity for you and your staff. With over 80 recordings available, you’ll fi¬nd presentations that cover a wide range of topics.



CHA webinars provide valuable content on a broad range of ministry topics along with the opportunity to engage with leading experts.

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