Diversity And Disparities

Product Image "Medicaid Makes It Possible" Fact Sheet and Button
CHA’s new "Medicaid Makes It Possible" fact sheet and button are resources for the Catholic health ministry and general public to raise a national >>

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Product Image A Reflection on Equity Prayer Card
This 5 x7 inch two sided prayer card cites the story of Lazarus on the frontside and accompanying reflection thoughts as well as a prayer on the >>

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Product Image Achieving Equity of Care - One Catholic Health System's Story - Disparities Webinar Recording - April 22, 2013 (CD)
The existence of health disparities in our health care system is well documented. Throughout the Catholic health ministry, care providers are taking steps to identify and eliminate health disparities >>

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Product Image Act Justly: Facing the Challenges of Disparity and Diversity (4 CD Set)
This set of four CD's contains presentations from CHA's 2006 Theology and Ethics Colloquium in Nashville, TN. The program examined disparity and racism in health care, its causes >>

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Product Image Catholic Social Tradition Leadership Formation Module (2014 Edition) (CD)
CHA, a leader in providing resources to help the people of Catholic health care navigate the challenges of today’s health care environment, is pleased to offer the 2014 edition of its leadership formation >>

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Product Image Ending Disparities Prayer Card (Packs of 50)
This 5.5" x 8.5" prayer card highlights the issue of health care disparities. It includes a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as a prayer on the backside. It is useful as a resource for >>

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Product Image Ethics Lab 3: Facing Disparities in Health Care (Print and CD)
This collection of an interactive CD and brochure provides an opportunity for individual or group dialogue and reflection about racial disparity in health care and the importance of cultural competence. >>

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Product Image Framework for Senior Leadership Formation
Many Catholic-sponsored health systems are making a strong investment in well-structured, intensive leadership formation efforts. Noting this trend, CHA began an initiative in 2009 to learn why this >>

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Product Image Meeting Opening Reflection Card (Packs of 50)
This one-sided card provides a meeting opening reflection focused on Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4, 11-12. This card, which is free with free shipping, is available for order in hardcopy.Reflection Text: >>

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Product Image Our Vision for U.S. Health Care
This full-color flyer presents core principles and values of Catholic health care for a fair and equitable health care system in the U.S. that promotes the nation’s well-being and provides quality, >>

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Product Image Righting Health Care Disparities: The Theological and Moral Imperative (DVD)
Racial and ethnic disparities in the delivery of care is a sad fact of U.S. health care. The principles of Catholic social teaching, including the inherent dignity of each person; the common good; >>

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