Speaker Biographies

Kim Burgo
Senior Director, Disaster Response Operations
Catholic Charities USA

Kim Burgo is senior director of the national Disaster Operations Office for Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), one of the nation's largest social service networks. Under Ms. Burgo's leadership, the CCUSA Disaster Operations office places emphasis on readiness and mitigation practices while supporting network agencies in their response to the local community.  

In concert with her role at Catholic Charities USA, Ms. Burgo also serves on the board of directors for the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NVOAD) and as a committee member of the Department of Homeland Security's National Faith-Based Initiative Council on Preparedness and Protection, under DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Prior to her position with Catholic Charities USA, Ms. Burgo's work focused on international disaster response. Beginning with the Ethiopia Famine in the early 1980s, her 28 years of disaster experience with organizations such as Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children Federation, provided the framework for involvement in natural, human-made and complex disaster situations. Since joining Catholic Charities, her work has spanned more than 300 disasters throughout the U.S.

In addition to her disaster experience, Ms. Burgo has traveled to over 25 countries throughout the world performing program assessments, addressing post-disaster needs and participating in long-term development efforts. She has led numerous bi-lingual (English/Spanish) strategic planning sessions concentrated on diverse cultures and populations, provided grass-roots organizing methodologies, structures and directions to a recovering post-Balkan war society, conducted workshops throughout the United States and internationally on the theme of "Global Solidarity," and addressed "Temporary Protective Status" advocacy related issues at the United Nations for a post-Hurricane Mitch recovery gathering. 

Judith N. Lasker, Ph.D.
N.E.H. Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Lehigh University

Judith N. Lasker, Ph.D., is NEH Distinguished Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. Dr. Lasker’s major areas of interest are in the field of medical sociology, with particular emphasis on women’s health issues (especially chronic illness and loss) and international health. Her publications on these and other topics have appeared in psychology, public health and sociology journals. She is co‑author, with Susan Borg, of When Pregnancy Fails; Families Coping with Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, Stillbirth, and Infant Death (Bantam Books) and In Search of Parenthood; Coping with Infertility and High‑Tech Conception (Temple U. Press). With Ed Collom and Corinne Kyriacou, she co-wrote Equal Time, Equal Value; Community Currencies and Time Banking in the U.S. (Ashgate Publishing).

Currently, she is working on a project to examine the impact on host communities of short-term international service programs in public health and medical care. She has interviewed more than 100 people involved in such programs, including those who have served or serve as senders, volunteers and/or host country recipients and surveyed almost 200 organizations that sponsor volunteers. She is writing a book based on this research, tentatively entitled “Giving Back? Short-Term International Volunteer Programs in Health.”

She earned a bachelor of arts degree at Brandeis University and her master of arts and doctorate degrees at Harvard. 


Bruce Compton
Senior Director, International Outreach
Catholic Health Association of the United States

Bruce Compton is senior director of international outreach for the Catholic Health Association of the United States. He is based in the association's St. Louis office. Mr. Compton is responsible for assisting and supporting CHA-member organizations in their outreach activities in the developing world. His duties include facilitating collaboration among CHA-member organizations and others, seeking to enhance the impact of international ministries. Additionally, he is responsible for education regarding international outreach issues and encouraging CHA members' participation in various activities of international ministry.

Compton lived in Haiti from 2000 to 2002, and he continued to work in support of health missions in the developing world after he returned to the U.S. He did so in his capacity as founding president and chief executive of Springfield, Ill.–based Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, a ministry organization bringing surplus medical supplies from Midwest hospitals to medical missions in the developing world.

Michael Rozier, SJ
Doctoral Student
Department of Health Management and Policy
University of Michigan

Fr. Michael Rozier is a Jesuit priest and doctoral student in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan. He is formerly a faculty member of the Saint Louis University (SLU) College for Public Health and Social Justice. He was a researcher for the short-term medical mission trip study.

After receiving his master of public health degree at Johns Hopkins University, Fr. Rozier worked as an ethics fellow with the World Health Organization. He subsequently received a faculty appointment at SLU, where he taught courses in global health, health and justice, and public health ethics. He also was director of the undergraduate division of the college and oversaw service learning activities, including several trips abroad with students. His areas of research focus on goal-setting and resource allocation in low-income countries, the relationship of medical missions to the local health systems they serve and the ways public health ethics frames health challenges differently than medical ethics. As part of his Jesuit training Fr. Rozier has lived and worked in Canada, Switzerland and throughout Latin America.