What Would You Do to Partner in the Developing World?


Video Scenarios to Open Dialogues in Catholic Health Ministry

This online learning module on important International Outreach topics is meant to open dialogue across U.S. Catholic health care relating to activities including:

  • Sharing surplus equipment, supplies and medicines with low-income countries
  • Responding to disasters in low-income countries 
  • Conducting medical mission trips or immersion experiences in low-income countries

How to Use this Resource:

1.  Click on any of the topics above in the blue bar: Sharing Surplus, Responding to Disasters, Conduction Medical Mission Trips. You’ll then be taken to that topic’s specific page.

2.  On the page for that topic, you’ll see a listing of videos. 

a.  The first is a video scenario – a brief video vignette that provides a situation related to these three activities. Please watch it.
b.  After watching the scenario, please review and consider each of the questions for reflection.
     •  The questions for reflection are applicable to personal reflection as well as group discussion.
c.  Once you or a group have considered the questions, please click on the question to open a video and listen to an expert who will help you further reflect on your response.

We hope these help leaders understand the implications of conducting international outreach activities while also engaging interested staff and clinicians in dialogue about how we can best live out Catholic tradition and teaching when we help our brothers and sisters in the developing world.