Lent Podcasts

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NEW: 2014 Lenten Reflections – Audio and Hardcopy

Lenten Podcast Archive

Lent is a time of prayer and renewal and an opportunity to refocus relationships with God.

This year, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 5, through Holy Saturday, April 19. To help Catholic health care organizations mark this important season, CHA is offering its annual series of Lenten podcast reflections to enable you to reflect on the meaning of this season by downloading and listening to these weekly offerings.

The author is the late Fr. John F. Kavanaugh, SJ, who published them in 2005 in the booklet, Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Lent and Easter (by Liguori Publications).  Liguori has graciously allowed CHA to extend his writings through this 2014 series. In these reflections, Fr. Kavanaugh opens a door to understanding the mystery of Christ's redemptive mission and offers a provocative message of love in a world weary of materialism.

Fr. Kavanaugh taught philosophy at Saint Louis University and was a sought after lecturer on the topics of consumerism, spirituality and the ethics of the intrinsic human dignity. You can learn more about him on the Jesuits of the Missouri Province site.

These reflections are offered as MP3 files for easy downloading and use. In addition, printable Word documents are included for each reflection so that participants can fully experience the message whether they prefer audio or visual delivery.

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  • Posting in break rooms and chapels and at the welcome desk
  • Playing as a morning reflection on the intercom

Reflections, and the weeks of the Lenten Season and Easter they relate to include:

For use the week of March 2: (Ash Wednesday is March 5)

  • A Reflection on Ash Wednesday (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:56)

For use the week of March 9:

  • A Reflection for the First Week of Lent (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:11)

For use the week of March 16:

  • A Reflection for the Second Week of Lent (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:02)

For use the week of March 23:

  • A Reflection for the Third Week of Lent (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:27)

USCCB Offers Online Resources For Lent — USCCB website

For use the week of March 30:

  • A Reflection for the Fourth Week of Lent (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:14)

For use the week of April 6:

  • A Reflection for the Fifth Week of Lent (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:23)

For use the week of April 13 — Palm Sunday — and Easter:

  • A Reflection on Palm Sunday (.doc) (.pdf)
  • MP3 file (approximate length - 2:56)