Text: Health Care Ethics USA

Summer 2014

Volume 22, Number 3

Feature Article

Healthy Justice: A Liberation Approach to Justice in Health Care

By Alexandre A. Martins, OSCam.

Palliative Sedation: A Review of the Ethical Debate

By Joseph A. Raho, Ph.D.

From the Field

CDF Principles for Collaboration with Non-Catholic Health Care Entities: Ministry Perspectives

By Rev. Michael D. Place, STD, Carl Middleton, D.MIN., M.DIV., M.A., M.R.E., Peter J. Cataldo, Ph.D., John A. Gallagher, Ph.D., and Steven J. Squires, MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Unity Across Diversity: Catholic Identity and Physician Practices in Catholic Health Care

By Patrick J. McCruden, MTS

Ethical Currents

Of Note

Of Interest


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