Palliative care patients offer intimate insights

Abel Centurion, 72, died of lung cancer in 2013. He said, 'You have a one-way ticket — don’t waste it!'

Ediccia Xiomara Zapata Aldeeb said, "My faith is big, and I know that whatever happens, God will decide where I'm going, not my doctors." She died at age 44 in 2013.

Ehlis "Nelly" Gutierrez, 63, lives in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles and volunteers as her health allows.

Donald John Landini, 86, said he calls on God, but doesn't demand that God solves his problems. "I've had to solve my problems myself," Landini said. He died in 2012.

Student and model Sarah Boags, 38, said she would fight her illness until the end. She died in 2012 from respiratory failure related to breast cancer.

Wanda Jean Bland, 85, said she was at peace "because I've done everything I've wanted to do, and I try to be the best person I know to be." She died in 2014.

Joseph John Nardone called himself the luckiest man in the world because of his wonderful family. He died in 2013 at age 91.