Physician Engagement

Physician Engagement Overview

Our ministry is rooted in our belief that every person is a treasure, every life a sacred gift, every human being a unity of body, mind, and spirit.

This commitment to promoting and defending human dignity means that, individually and collectively, we foster healing, act with compassion, and promote wellness for all persons and communities, with special attention to our neighbors who are poor, underserved, and most vulnerable.

Catholic health facilities provide compassionate, high-quality care to patients and residents — and their families and loved ones — addressing the needs of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Catholic health facilities and systems reach outside their walls into the communities they serve to foster health and well-being.

They also must reach out to those within their walls who are providing hands-on care each day. To help address this area, CHA is focusing on physician relations through upcoming programs and by sharing practices being initiated in Catholic health care organizations.

For more information about these activities, please contact Brian Smith, MS, MA, M.Div., CHA senior director of mission innovation and integration.

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Physician Leader Forum

This annual invitational meeting gathers physician leaders from across the country to support their vital role within Catholic healthcare. The event provides a valuable forum for physicians to engage in communal reflection about the sacred relationship between patient and physician and address timely issues affecting the health care ministry.

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