Community Benefit Webinar Series: Community Benefit Program Evaluation (webinar 1 of 5)

The series is designed to help community benefit managers document the progress and impact of their programs while meeting Internal Revenue Service and/or funder requirements for program evaluation.

Each webinar will have its specific theme and learning objectives. Overall, the series will:

  • Present basic evaluation concepts and tools drawing on the publication, Evaluating Your Community Benefit Impact, including how to develop program objectives, identify evaluation questions, determine indicators and engage partners in the process.
  • Recommend practical, actionable evaluation steps by examining a range of real case studies (from programs focused on prevention to those addressing policy, systems and environmental change).
  • Encourage member discussion of program evaluation experiences and lessons learned.

WEBINAR 1: Introduction to Community Benefit Program Evaluation: Education/Prevention Program

Learning objectives: By the end of this webinar, we will have:

  • Described the purpose and structure of the evaluation webinar series
  • Presented an overview of program evaluation requirements and concepts based on CDC's evaluation framework
  • Explained how logic modeling can help determine evaluation questions and indicators