We Are Called Conversation Series - Conversation II: Advocacy - Conversations on Advancing Policies to Eliminate Health Disparities and Systematic Racism

This second conversation in the series will center on CHA's advocacy priorities and strategies to move the Confronting Racism to Achieve Health Equity pledge forward and feature some of the innovative work of CHA members to open a robust discussion around policy and legislation.

As part of our pledge, we are committed to advocating change to:

  • Eliminate health disparities. We will advocate policies that ensure access to quality health care services for all; end racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes; promote and improve the delivery of culturally competent care; and increase the diversity of the health care work force.
  • Eliminate systemic racism. We will oppose policies that exacerbate or perpetuate economic and social inequities as they greatly contribute to health disparities and systemic racism. We will call for changes to policies that shape people's lives - education, housing, nutrition, criminal justice reform and the environment - so that every man, woman and child in our society may flourish.