Regenerative Medicine: Where Are We? Where Are We Going? (Ethics Webinar)

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Regenerative medicine is a rapidly developing field at the forefront of new medical therapies and treatments. It seeks to find new ways of boosting the body’s ability to heal itself through the repairing, replacement and regeneration of cells, tissues and organs in order to restore impaired biological functioning lost to disease, trauma, congenital abnormalities or age. It has the potential to significantly transform routine clinical care in the treatment of disease and injury. This webinar recording offers an overview of regenerative medicine, its potential impact on clinical medicine, and some of the ethical issues that we already need to be considering.


Rev. Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, Associate Professor; and David Lauler, Chair for Catholic Health Care Ethics, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC 

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