Developing Effective Implementation Strategies

Under the Affordable Care Act tax-exempt hospitals are required to conduct community health needs assessments and adopt implementation strategies that address needs identified through those assessments. These new requirements are providing opportunities for hospitals to enhance their community benefit planning processes and look at new ways of coordinating and integrating their community health improvement efforts both within the hospital and with community partners. Julie Trocchio, CHA's senior director of community benefit and continuing care, opened the webinar with an overview of the federal requirements and IRS guidance on implementation strategies. Michael Bilton, executive director of the AHA's Association for Community Health Improvement, discussed ways to develop implementation strategies that are aligned with hospital strategic goals, community-partnership focused and that use effective interventions to address priority needs. Through a mix of tools, methods and case examples, he illustrated approaches that participants can consider adopting or adapting to create their implementation strategies.

Julie Trocchio, Senior Director, Community Benefit and Continuing Care, CHA; Cidette Perrin, Senior Director, Government Relations, VHA Inc.; and Michael Bilton, Vice President, Verite Healthcare Consulting.

This is a recording of the webinar held on January 15, 2013.


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