Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Facing the Challenges of Moral Distress (Ethics Webinar)

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While "moral distress" was first identified and discussed as a phenomenon specific to nursing, it is actually something that all health care providers, administrators, and staff may experience. All that is required is a moral agent facing a moral dilemma, believing that he or she knows the right thing to do, yet is not able to do it because of internal or external obstacles. Given the moral complexities in health care today, moral distress is hardly a rare event and will likely become more common. This webinar examines the meaning of moral distress, some of its causes, strategies to prevent it as well as addressing it when it occurs. In addition, it explores the potential contributions of a strong ethical culture and ethics program.

Carol Taylor, Ph.D., RN
Professor of Medicine and Nursing
Center for Clinical Bioethics
Georgetown University Medical Center

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