CHA calls for discernment and good faith debate on health care for all legislation

Statement by Sister Carol Keehan, DC, President & Chief Executive Office
Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA)

The Catholic Health Association is encouraged that health care coverage for all is again being raised by the United States Congress. We welcome a robust discussion on how to continuously improve our country's health care system.

Proposals to expand coverage and access and to improve affordability for all Americans is a difficult task and will require thoughtful research and comprehensive evaluation to ensure fully informed decisions. It is important that lawmakers study the impact that any health care bill could have on the patient, the provider, the employer, the health care system and the United States economy.

CHA believes health care is a human right and envisions a health delivery system that is available, affordable and accessible to everyone, paying special attention to the poor and vulnerable. As Congress debates various proposals, including Medicare for All, CHA believes that any future state of health care should be:

  • safe, effective and designed to deliver the greatest possible quality;
  • sufficiently and fairly financed;
  • transparent and consensus-driven in allocation of resources, and organized for cost-effective care and administration;
  • health and prevention oriented, with the goal of enhancing the health status of both individuals and communities;
  • patient-centered to address health needs and to assure protection of life at all stages, from conception to natural death.

CHA has confidence that Congress can work together towards bipartisan solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with lawmakers on health legislation and offer our assistance in this process to achieve a more just and compassionate health care system.


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